CAI's 2017 forecast predicts continued growth for the Seattle region throughout the year. Contributing to this trend is the higher-than-average median wages offered in sectors such as ICT, aerospace and healthcare, among others. The Major Industries diagrams show the breakdown of jobs by sector and their contribution to trade.

King County Employment Growth and Forecasts, 1990-2020

King County Employment Growth and Forecasts, 1990-2020. 2016-2020: 2.6% to 2.8%

Population Change and Forecast, King County, 1990-2020

Population Change and Net Migration, Central Puget Sound Region, 1960-2015

Major Industries in Washington, Number of Total Jobs

Box denotes size of industry by jobs.

Real Median Wage, Seattle MSA

Seattle Unemployment Rate

King County Jobless Claims (Weekly Average)

King County Median Household Income

Major Industries in Washington, Percent of Export Jobs by Industry

Larger box denotes size of industry by jobs. Shaded portions inside each box denote % of jobs exported within the industry.

Case-Schiller Price Index, 2012-2020 (forecast)

Multifamily Housing Stock

Rental Burden

American Consumer Debt