Community Attributes: Creating Community and Economic Opportunity

Community Attributes provides research and analysis
to increase awareness, inform decisions and improve results. We specialize in community and economic development, strategic planning and philanthropic and non-profit advisory services. We help our clients improve the lives of the individuals and communities they serve.

Featured Case Study
frame_featuredCaseStudy Economic Opportunity Assessment for Snohomish County Agriculture

Community Attributes presented analysis and identified strategies to enhance Snohomish County agricultural opportunities.


Community Attributes’s work provided for our farmers a common understanding of the economic opportunities and challenges that we face.” Linda Neunzig | Snohomish County Economic Development Department

Regional & Local Economics
  • Regional Economic Analysis
  • Economic Profiles
  • Industry Sector Analysis
  • Target Industry Identification
  • Employment and Workforce Trends
  • Trade Capture and Leakage Analysis
  • Economic & Fiscal Impact Analyses
  • Municipal Finance
  • Local Fiscal Strategies
  • Market Analysis
  • Land Use Planning
  • Transportation Economics
Urban Land
  • Market & Feasibility Analyses
  • Place-Making Strategies
  • Land Use Studies
  • Retail Location Studies
  • Trade Capture Analyses
  • Tenant Demographic Profiles
  • Absorption Projections
  • Infrastructure & Capital Investments
  • Transportation & Land Use Connections
Philanthropy & Nonprofit
  • Demographic Profiles & Segmentation
  • Economic Impact Assessments
  • Impact Modeling & Cost Effectiveness
  • Needs Assessment & Market Research
  • Outcome-Based Planning & Evaluation
  • Program Financing & Sustainability Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Organizational & Program Assessment
  • Program Design, Implementation & Risk Analysis
  • Organizational Due Diligence
Strategic Planning
  • Regional & Local Economic Development Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Strategic Plans
  • Stakeholder Outreach
  • Community Forums
  • Citizen Task Forces and Committees
  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Demographics & Psychographics
  • Industry Assessment
  • Revenue Projections
  • Economic Opportunity Analysis
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